How do I Install webroot that’s Already Purchased?

Webroot is a very progressive, fast, highly efficient, & lightweight security acquirable to download through the page Webroot provides security against online virus and constantly secures your computer from cyber-attacks. Apart from traditional security features, installing webroot on your system has an added advantage. It provides real-time security against any online threats. Due to its cloud-based platform, webroot doesn’t need modify and can block threats moment they are carried out, eliminating the need for virus definition and signature updates.

Webroot is very wedged and takes very small space in memory. You can download and install security software through webroot official website i.e . You also require 20 digit activation code to activate your webroot security.


A set of unique product Key Codes of 20 characters is provided with every purchased of Webroot security software. Without activation Key code you won’t be able to download and activate your webroot subscription Webroot, so keep it safe and secure. The better practice will be to write it down & then keep it somewhere safe with easy access.

You get your Webroot Key code depending upon method of purchase webroot security. If you made purchase online, then the Keycode will be sent to email address you provided during this purchase.

If on other hand, you have buy Webroot software through a physical retail store, look inside packaging, you may get card with Key code written on it. You may have to scratch silver coating to reveal activation code.

Where to utilize Key Code

The unique 20 digits alphanumeric passkey is fundamental for item download and initiation. The most common way of downloading the Webroot begins with the entering of this code. You get all data at

After you have installed the Webroot Antivirus on your framework, you will indeed be provoked to enter it to enact product. 

Webroot Antivirus Security Software registration and Account creation

  1. Buying security software is one step, you require to have it downloaded & installed on your PC to enable protective shield against online threats.
  2. Type URL in web browser and press enter button. You will move to production registration page of Webroot.
  3. Another separate window will open and you will be prompted to create your Webroot secure anywhere account.
  4. Just offer details required on this page like your email address and create a strong password.
  5. Enter personal security code that you can remember simply as you will be asked to enter two characters of it every time you log in.
  6. Choose security question and provide unique answer to further secure your account.
  7. After you have provide in all detail asked on the account registration page, click on register now button. windows download and Install

  • To download webroot security installation files on your windows computer enter URL in the windows web browser and click enter button.
  • On login page enter the required login details and sign in to your webroot my account.
  • When you are through login process and on your webroot account dashboard, from download section select pc security option and click on the download button next to the webroot product.
  • This will download webroot windows installation files on your computer.

Process to Webroot Installation Instruction For Windows

  • Find folder where you have downloaded webroot installer.
  • Double hit installer to open installation procedure.
  • Webroot installer dialogue folder will open, enter 20 digit key code and press the agree and install button.
  • For custom installation of webroot, you can also press installation option button & can change language and other webroot settings.
  • If prompted to enter your email id and click on the agree & continue button.
  • After the installation is complete webroot icon will seems on the desktop and in the taskbar and an initial scan will start automatically.

Steps to Webroot mac Installer download instructions

  • Open Safari browser on a Mac PC and navigate to the account login page of
  • Enter your required login details and press enters to login in to your webroot account.
  • Once on dashboard go to the download section. Here select option MAC installation and click on download button.
  • dmg file will be downloaded to your Mac PC.

How do I install webroot Antivirus on Mac

  • On bottom of the Mac system, screen hit on download button and choose wsamac.dmg file.
  • A pop will open up, here double hit webroot icon to open webroot installation dialogue box.
  • You will be asked to select your preferred language and to enter 20 character keycode and then click on the agree and install key.
  • Another pop up will seems asking Mac username and password, enter it and click ok button.
  • On installer window click the open computer preferences button.
  • This will open the webroot security and privacy window on the top middle of window, click the privacy tab.
  • A list of apps will be shown on the left of the window section, from list select full disk access.
  • Again pop up asking the Mac user name and password will seems, fill required details and click on the unlock button.
  • Now get + button just right to the list of seems and click on it.
  • A new window will seems with a list of options on the right side of the screen. From those options select applications.
  • The drop-down list of applications will open, select Webroot Secure anywhere and click on the open button.
  • A checkbox with webroot icon next to it will seems, tick it and on the following pop up box, click on the Quit Now button.
  • Now move to webroot installer dialogue box and click on next and then on install the extension.
  • Now choose open Security preference from the pop-up box that opens up and in the following window click on the general tab and then on allow button.
  • On installation dialog box when it shows the complete button, click on it to done the installation process.

How do I Install on android device

  • On your android device open the Google play store.
  • In the search field type webroot secureAnywhere and click the search button.
  • Once webroot for mobile is displayed click on the install button to install it on your computer.
  • After installation, Click the webroot icon and click on agree and launch button.
  • If you have Activation code, enter it to activate your webroot mobile subscription.

How do I Install on iOS device

  • Open app store on your Apple device and search for Webroot .com/ SecureWeb.
  • CLick the option, install app.
  • Click your Apple ID and password If prompted for.
  • Now webroot SecureWeb will install on your iPhone.
  • After installation is done, open the app and sign in to your webroot account.
  • Once account validation process is done, webroot security features will activate on your Apple mobile and a green checkmark appears with the app icon.

How To Reinstall Webroot Security?

If you need to reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere on your gadget, it is pretty much as basic as you did it interestingly. You can reinstall your Webroot programming with practically no installment as long as your Webroot membership is dynamic. Be that as it may, ensure you have totally taken out the prior establishment from your PC. Allow us to perceive how To Reinstall Webroot Secureanywhere

How do I install using installer:

If you have purchased Webroot security from the official site, then you would have received download link in your registered email address. Otherwise, you can download a copy of Webroot SecureAnywhere from the official Webroot site.

  • Now, open to downloaded file and double-click the installer to start installation.
  • ClickRUN to start.
  • When the dialog box appear, enter keycode and then click Agree and Install to start the installation.
  • If prompted, enter the email id and click done.
  • If you have changed your computer and changed your email, it will not work. So, try the email ID you used while purchasing Webroot.
  • Once the installation is done and Webroot is activated, close installation window.
  • To check if SecureAnywhere is running, see whether Webroot icon is visible on the System Tray.
  • After reinstalling Webroot security, open it and scan your PC.
  • Now we have seen how To Reinstall Webroot Secureanywhere